Life in CARSOME Academy

CARSOME Academy is more than just the classroom. Here, you get to connect with other students and industry professionals, as well as prepare yourself for a bright future. Our goal is to give you the knowledge, skills and experience you need to thrive in your career, while enjoying the process with us.

Student Testimonials

Listen to what others have to say about their experiences at CARSOME Academy.

Student Support

Our goal is to create a conducive and supportive environment to help you reach your potential. Apart from teaching you knowledge and skills, we also offer support and services to ensure you will have a wonderful time at CARSOME Academy.

The First Step: Orientation

Your journey at CARSOME Academy starts with Orientation. Our orientation is planned to help you transition and settle into a campus life with us. From the beginning, you’ll ease into the programmes with us and our Student Services team is there to assist you through every step.

Here to Help: Student Services

As our students, we’re invested in your growth and your future. Our student services department is a one-stop student center that is open to all CARSOME Academy students. We’re here to offer assistance in academic or non-academic matters, so your time with us is a smooth and thriving one.

Our Student Services are here to help you with the following services and more:

• General Enquiries including general support, advice, and referral services  
for students, as well as parents.
• Distribution of cards, vouchers and more from government bodies
• Handling feedback from students
• Providing support for orientation and graduation
• Handling lost and found items
• Private and confidential counseling services
• Career and job opportunity placements

Your Support System: Counseling Services

Our Student Counseling Services is here to support you with this free and confidential service that is available to all students. Our goal is to help you resolve your personal problems so you can focus and take full advantage of your experience at CARSOME Academy.

Beyond Boundaries: Online Learning & Communication

As the world leans into the digital space, we’ve created an Online Learning System to help you learn and manage your studies with access to our experienced lecturers.

Our Online Learning System allows you to manage and access all course materials, notes and resources as well as interact with your lecturers and fellow students in one digital space. The platform hosts discussion forums, chats, quizzes and assignment submissions for a seamless learning experience.